The benefits of renting:

There are many reasons why renting is the perfect way for you or your child to start playing an instrument:
  • The risk of making a wrong choice and the expense of buying are both avoided.
  • We provide all regular servicing free of charge whilst you are renting the instrument.
  • If the instrument you are renting cannot be repaired quickly, we replace it.
  • Whilst you are renting you can change sizes (e.g. violins) or try something completely different if you wish.
  • If you wish to purchase the instrument you’re renting we'll deduct any rental fees already paid up to a maximum value of 3 months.

Instruments available:

Orchestral Strings
Violin£10 per month
Viola£15 per month
Cello£30 per month
Clarinets£20 per month
Flutes£20 per month
Curved Head Flute£20 per month
Alto Saxophone£25 per month
Trumpets£15 per month
Digital pianos
Yamaha P45 88-note Piano/Keyboard£35 per month
Steel String Acoustic Guitar£15 per month
Full Size Classical Guitar£15 per month
Junior 3/4 Classical Guitar£10 per month