All lessons fees are to be paid to Ritz Music Studio via bank transfer or using the online payment link found on your invoice. We can be contacted on accounts@ritzmusicstudio.com if you have any queries regarding payments. Lesson times and dates can be arranged directly with your teacher once you have attended one trial lesson and have decided to continue. Please note that once a lesson day and time for your lesson has been suggested it will only be confirmed once payment is received therefore this is subject to change until receipt of the trial lesson fee.

After the first lesson, all tuition fees are paid in advance and are due 24 hours before the first lesson of each new block. The first lesson can be paid for as a one-off purchase to ensure that teacher and student are a good match, however, further lessons are paid for as block purchases with a minimum of 4 sessions to be purchased at a time. Your teacher will notify you at the last lesson of each block that your next group of lessons is due. 


Once you have paid your tuition and scheduled your lesson time, it will be held just for you. You have contracted the exclusive use of that time for your scheduled lesson. Regular attendance at lessons is necessary to ensure continuous progress. Absences will not be credited or refunded unless the teacher is willing to do so. If you are running late or cannot attend your lesson, please contact your teacher directly.


The cost of coaching does not include music books, accompanist fees or fees paid for examinations. Those will be paid separately. 


Ritz Music Studio have a 24 hour cancellation policy. It is the responsibility of the student (or parent/guardian of) to notify the teacher directly by email or text if they must cancel or reschedule a lesson. This ensures that your teacher has enough time to make any necessary changes to their lesson schedule. If students do not give sufficient notice, they will be charged for their lesson. In the case of illness or emergencies, it is at the teachers discretion to provide students with the opportunity to make up their missed lesson, however, rescheduled lessons are not guaranteed. 

Thank you and enjoy your music lessons

‘The Richmond Academy of Music’ at Ritz Music Studio

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